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Bone Health

Forteo Safety Issues and Dosage

Forteo is also referred to as Teriparatide. It’s a medication prescribed to patients who suffer from osteoporosis. It’s not a curable condition, but it is one that can be more easily managed when you take medication for your symptoms. It is not for everyone, however, and anyone who takes this drug must meet specific requirements to use it. Osteoporosis occurs most commonly … [Read More...]

How to Get Rid of Osteonecrosis

It is common knowledge that people right from their mid-30s to their 60s are more prone to suffer from pain in their hips, lower back, and various joints in the body. This pain can vary from person to person. For some, it may just be a slight annoyance, but for others, it can be debilitating. It can even limit physical activity for some people, which ends up aggravating … [Read More...]

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How Long Do You Have to Take Zometa?

Osteoporosis, a bone disease, occurs when your body loses too much bone. It is considered to be a silent disease because you can’t feel your bones weakening. The term osteoporosis means porous bone and healthy bones, when viewed microscopically, look like honeycombs. With … [Read More...]

Hormones and Osteoporosis: How Hormones Affect Your Bones

Hormones and Osteoporosis Only Part of the Connection Osteoporosis is hardly ever caused by just one thing. This is true for many diseases. There are usually many factors that contribute to the condition of high bone porosity known as osteoporosis, and one of these factors … [Read More...]

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Bone Density

Everything You Need To Know About Your Femur Bone

It’s essential to know how our own bodies work. When you have this knowledge, you are better able to know what might be causing you pain and, if there’s an ailment or injury present, where that issue may originate. Everything in your bodily system interacts with everything … [Read More...]

Race and Osteoporosis

Explaining the connections between race and osteoporosis. Race may no longer matter with diagnosis, as bone size should be looked at as well as bone density when determining risks of osteoporotic fracture. Until recently, physicians have cited risk factors of low bone … [Read More...]

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Did You Know…

3 Things You Don’t Know About Cortical Bone

Image via flickr The human body is amazing. How we are put together and function like a well-oiled machine is nothing short of miraculous. We consist of both hard parts and soft parts, and the soft parts are often protected by a rigid system we call the skeleton, of which, cortical bone plays an important role.The ability of the different systems in our bodies to work … [Read More...]

Essential Information: What Are the Types of Bone Tissue?

The human skeletal system consists of varying bone types that each play a special role in our bodies. They help with movement and to support our bodies. There are two types of bone tissue; compact and spongy (also called. Their density differs by how closely the cells they contain are packed.Over 75% of all bone tissue is compact bone. Compact bone cells, also called … [Read More...]

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