Strawberries for Bone Health

Give your body the right fuel, eat strawberries for bone health. Pharmaceuticals prescribed to treat osteoporosis all have fairly small benefits with numerous potential serious side effects. This leaves both patients and medical professionals attempting to either address the issue either using diet and exercise as  the first option for reducing the risk, or … [Read more...]

Milk is Bad for Bones

Scientists have begun to see that the modified and sweetened dairy products, are actually hurting bone health, even non-fat milk, is bad for bones. In the late 1970's, as the FDA, USDA, American Medical Assosiciation, as well as other health related groups began to notice a growing health challenge in obesity and metabolic disease, alterations were made in … [Read more...]

Too Much Vitamin D?

Between the sunlight and vegetable sources, how do we know when we have had too much vitamin D?   "I am going outside to get some vitamin D." As the quest for a darker tan has become less popular through a greater understanding of skin cancer, other sunlight-linked health aspects have risen in importance. Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients human … [Read more...]

Calcium Supplements, are They Needed?

Recent research is questioning the results of calcium supplement recommendations. Ever since osteoporosis was discovered, the logic of extra calcium supplementation has been a part of the conversation. This is because bone holds and manages 99% of the body's calcium stores, and also uses calcium for its structural integrity. Naturally the logic was, if the is a lack … [Read more...]

Caffeine and Bone Density

Caffeine and bone density have a widely studied relationship, so is caffeine bad for your bones, or not? The answer is actually not a simple "yes" or "no." Caffeine and bone density have been the subject of many studies that have had conflicting results. Some of these studies have only looked at caffeine consumption and failed to identify other variables that have great … [Read more...]

Vitamin K2 and Bone

  Vitamin K2 found in fermented soy can aid in the bone health of the elderly. The western diet has been linked to many health complications and has forced researchers to look for ways to isolate foods that can have the greatest health benefits. This effort has increased the level of understanding of nutrition and the role it plays in our health. Though nothing can … [Read more...]

Potassium Citrate Bone Relationship

Recent findings by researchers show a positive potassium citrate bone density link.   New Research In a recent study performed in Switzerland, researchers performed potassium citrate experiments with adults over the age of 65 and looked at fracture rates over a two-year period along with pre and post DXA scans. The test subjects received 6500mg of potassium … [Read more...]

Anorexia and Osteoporosis

The longer term effects of eating disorders are being better understood, specifically the relationship between anorexia and osteoporosis. Anorexia nervosa (in discussion often shortened to "anorexia") is an eating disorder based on an obsessive fear of weight gain manifested by extreme caloric deficit and malnutrition. People with this disorder believe that they are … [Read more...]

Is Dairy Good for Osterporosis Prevention?

  Physicians commonly recommend milk and dairy products for the purpose of increasing calcium intake to prevent and treat osteoporosis, this however may not turn out to be the best recommendation.   As life expectancy has increased, and medical measurement devices have become more sophisticated, osteoporosis has been more commonly diagnosed. Also, … [Read more...]

Alcohol and Osteoporosis, Positive Changes

Are beer, wine and spirits good for your bone health? A new report has been published on alcohol and osteoporosis indicating that moderate alcohol consumption may improve bone health in older women, decreasing chance of osteoporosis and loss of bone mass. This is in contrast to many earlier studies showing the opposite. The premise of this new study shows the slowing … [Read more...]