Forteo Safety Issues and Dosage

Forteo is also referred to as Teriparatide. It’s a medication prescribed to patients who suffer from osteoporosis. It’s not a curable condition, but it is one that can be more easily managed when you take medication for your symptoms. It is not for everyone, however, and anyone who takes this drug must meet specific requirements to use it. Osteoporosis occurs most commonly over time when people age. As you get older, your bones don’t regenerate as quickly as they did when you were younger. Essentially, your body gets rid of old bone tissue while replacing it with healthier, stronger bone tissue.
Some people’s bodies cannot produce new bone tissue quickly enough once they begin to age.This causes your bones to become more fragile. They become more easily injured and breakable, and it can be a problem for many people. There is no cure for this health condition, but there are many tools you can use to treat it. From a healthy diet to maintaining a healthy weight to taking prescription medications, you can live with osteoporosis with relative ease. It’s why Forteo is a drug so many people have questions about. Is it safe? Does it have any side effects? Are you a candidate? Here is everything you need to know.

What Is Forteo?

Simply put, Forteo is a drug that helps your body build new bone. It acts similarly to protein by allowing your body to find the strength and capacity to create new bone tissue when the old tissue is absorbed. It works not only to make your bones grow faster to keep up with old tissue loss, it also helps make your bones stronger to prevent injury. This is a drug that is only given to men with osteoporosis and women with osteoporosis who have gone through menopause.

Forteo Safety Issues

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With any drug, there are safety issues to consider. Before you begin taking Forteo, you must know what you might expect, how it works, and if there are any side effects associated with this drug. The best way to ensure you do not have additional safety issues to consider is to take this medication only as directed by your doctor. Do not adjust your dosage, take more, take too little, or share with anyone else. Now, here’s what else you can expect in terms of safety issues.

Bone Cancer Risk

Allergy Risks

Not for Children

Two Years Is the Lifetime Max for Forteo

Most Common Side Effects

Forteo Dosage and Administration

Forteo is administered in a very specific dosage for all people, but your doctor might have something to say about that. The only way to know for certain what the dosage is that your doctor wants you to take is to speak with your doctor prior to use this medication.

Dosage in Forteo

How Is It Administered?



Forteo can be a helpful tool for treating osteoporosis if you are a good candidate. Speak to your doctor before you begin taking any dosage, and do not take more than you are advised to take. You can exacerbate the potential side effects or experience more serious health issues if you do not take the proper dose. This treatment is not intended to cure osteoporosis, but it is meant to help you regrow stronger bones at a faster rate to prevent the fragility of your bones from continuing. Speak to your doctor about your concerns about Forteo.
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