Milk is Bad for Bones

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Scientists have begun to see that the modified and sweetened dairy products, are actually hurting bone health, even non-fat milk, is bad for bones.

Milk is bad for bones

Milk is bad for bones

In the late 1970’s, as the FDA, USDA, American Medical Assosiciation, as well as other health related groups began to notice a growing health challenge in obesity and metabolic disease, alterations were made in dietary recommendations. The recommendation shifted to a non-fat, or low-fat diet. This seemed to make sense at the time, as seeing that people were getting fat, the best way to treat this would logically be to stop consuming fat. The non-fat craze began, and foods were engineered to be both low-fat, and non-fat. As fat was removed, foods began to lose taste and become unpleasant so therefore needed to be supplemented with extra sugar. Non-fat and low-fat milk falls into this category, as well as flavored milk products like chocolate milk and strawberry flavored milk.

As of now the USDA recommends three glasses of non-fat or low-fat milk per day which is in contrast with the advice they give about sugar sweetened beverages. The USDA is consistent with the scientific literature in recommending less sugar consumption, acknowledging that sugar consumption is associated with multiple disease states. The recommendation is to drink less or no sweetened beverages. However they are forgetting that the majority of milk products purchased in the United States (non-fat and low-fat milk) are actually sweetened no differently than cola beverages. There have been numerous pieces of research concluding the disease affiliated effects of sugar-sweetened beverages. The consumption of sugar has been tied to obesity, diabetes, inflammatory-related pain, and others. Moreover the levels of proper sugar or safe sugar levels in the human diet have not been determined.

Inflammation is the enemy of Osteoporosis, and this is exactly what sugar causes. As we become inflamed in joints, we move less, and place lower forces on the bone. This is the most important issue with bone health. There are some concerns with the concept of dairy in the human diet past infancy existing at all, but there is conflicting research on that topic ( Either way though, the message with sugar is clear. Do not consume sugar, and if was added to something you want to consume, find the unsweetened version.



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