Osteogenic Loading

Osteogenic Loading is a new drug free method for increasing bone density, here is how it works.

How Osteogenic Loading Works
Recently the Osteoporosis Institute published an infographic on bone health that looked at different methods for preventing or treating osteoporosis (LINKED HERE). In the graphic, we touched on Osteogenic Loading as a newer method/modality for treatment, but also stated that its use is not yet wide spread. The book, Osteogenic Loading, describes a device, or type of device that is designed to allow individuals to self – compress the bones of the body, stimulating a bone density response. See the animation to better understand this process:

Osteogenic Loading

The Book and Research
The book offers both a description of what happens inside the body when this device is used, and a description of the engineering of the device. The device used in the book goes by the commercial name of bioDensity, and is manufactured by Performance Health Systems. The device was developed in Napa Valley, California and the initial group of test subjects included former President of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine (ACAM), Dr. Eleanor Hynote. Dr. Hynote observes in the book that she not only saw bone mass density gains in herself, but she prescribed the use of the bioDensity device to her patients and saw bone mass density gains in them as well. A subset of the initial test group volunteered their patient DXA Scans which averaged 4.5% bone mass gain for individuals in the program over 18 months. One person had 6% spinal density gain in a 7-month period, and another person had a 1.1% hip density gain in 18 months (Jaquish et al. 2012). The book acknowledges that these case reports are the precursor to the clinical research, which is currently being performed.

Where to Use Osteogenic Loading Devices
The bioDensity website shows approximately 70 locations that offer usage to the general public to increase their bone mass density. Some groups have adopted the Osteogenic Loading research and bioDensity as a foundational element for their own service delivery model, including Be Strong 4 Life (www.bstrong4life.com), and Osteostrong (www.osteostrong.me). Both groups have locations listed on their websites. The book is available at (www.osteogenic.org)



Jaquish, J. Singh, R. Hynote, E. Conviser, J. (2012). Osteogenic Loading: A New Modality To Facilitate Bone Density Development. JIR.


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